Odyssey Capital is offering a guaranteed return on investments. Unit trusts are adjusted depending on what’s happening in the markets.

Give a 10 day notice to your investment manager before your intended

withdrawal of funds

  • Fill in a withdrawal form (here…insert link)
  • Forward the form to the investment manager for processing.

Once the notice is given, the funds are transferred within the aforementioned 10 day period.

Yes you can top up your account as many times as you wish.

  • Fill in another investor form (here)
  • Forward it to your investment manager for processing
  • You will receive a notification when your account is credited
  • If you intend to invest a lump sum, the minimum allowable investment is ksh.50,000
  • If you intend to become a monthly investor, minimum investment we accept is ksh. 10,000 per month

Account statements are sent out to investors monthly but are readily available upon request.

  • Fill in an investor form (here)
  • Sign a contract before making the money transfer
  • Make the transfer and your Odyssey Capital account will be credited.
  • You will also need to provide a copy of your ID and Pin Certificate.

80% of the money goes directly towards increasing our loan book and 20% is invested in low risk low return asset classes.