It takes 24 to 48 hours upon submission of all the requirements and cooperation of the client applying for the loan.

We would like to establish a good client-lender relationship hence we would like to study a client’s repayment pattern on the first loan before graduating to larger amounts in future.

With the wide-growing use of mobile transfer technology we have realized that the two documents complement each other and give us a better understanding of our client’s income and expenditure pattern.

Collateral/security is not a mandatory requirement. However, collateral/security may be required for loans above Kshs.100,000 and is also on a case by case basis.

The following are the situations in which an applicant would have to provide collateral:

  • If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements.
  • If an applicant’s business has not been in operation long enough for us to adequately analyze its return trend.
  • If an applicant is asking for an amount that may be higher than what they can actually qualify for.
  • A log book.
  • Any item that is around the same value as the amount you wish to secure.

No, we are currently based in Nairobi but applicants can apply country wide through our online platform here.

  • No, you may apply online here.
  • We also have an Odyssey representative who can collect the requirements from you.

FAQs specific to Electronics Financing

No, we do not stock the electronics at our office. We have partnered with several stores in Nairobi that supply us with the electronics.

We prefer to use our own suppliers to ensure authenticity of the electronic and for insurance purposes.

Yes, most likely. If it’s not the same price you’ll probably get it at a cheaper price because of our aforementioned partnerships with suppliers.

  • Apply for the option of paying in installments.
  • Upon approval of application, we purchase the electronic on your behalf.
  • Get your electronic within 24 hours.

We purchase the electronic directly from our suppliers on your behalf.

  • Anisuma Sony
  • Samsung
  • Neptune Technologies
  • Mobile Connect Xpress
  • Gamtroniq
  • Universal Gift Center

First time borrowers can access a minimum of Kshs. 15,000 and a maximum of Kshs. 300,000

No, you can get more than one electronic at a time. However, the electronics will be insured individually.

The purpose of this is to cover the electronic against all risks for a minimum of 1 year. Such risks include theft, damage, fire, etc.

Yes, even if you did not get the electronic through us, we still offer insurance for electronics against all risks for a minimum of 1 year.