Transform your home with a Smart TV

Probably the first thing you will notice about a Smart TV is that it has the traditional benefits of a TV (broadcast and cable channels) along with the added superpower of the internet! This means that you can live stream that movie or football match right from your sofa.

Many Smart TVs can link remotely to your other devices, so reading that article, watching that video, listening to that music and even surfing the web can be done via your phone, computer or tablet, and seen on your glorious, high definition TV screen.

You’ll need an internet connection to get your smart TV online, ideally broadband. Most smart TVs are now Wi-Fi enabled, meaning you can wirelessly connect them to your internet router.

Which apps your television comes with depends strongly on which smart TV you choose. Some manufacturers have app stores based on smartphone app markets, while higher-end televisions come with webcams and microphones for video-conferencing and voice/gesture recognition.

You have plenty of options when it comes to smart televisions. Budget TVs will come with fewer built-in apps, while the manufacturers of high-end sets may have made exclusive deals with large streaming video companies. Check the features before you buy, to be sure you’ll be able to access the entertainment you want.

You can easily own a Smart TV under a flexible installment payment. For as little as Ksh. 5,540 per month, the Hisense 39” Smart TV could be your living room companion. Simply visit to make your application today!

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