The world’s best smartphones and how much they cost monthly

Have you always considered getting one of those smartphones you frequently peer at through shop windows? We as Lipa Later can make it possible for you to own that precious hi-tech gadget. How is this possible and what does it take to own such a phone- you may ask. All you need to do is have a look at what pleases you from the vast range of smartphones topping the market, visit us and apply for any that you desire to own.

The big buzz as far as iPhones are concerned is the iPhone S7 that was recently splashed into the market. Unlike its predecessors, it comes with new ear pods that plug into the lightning port. The real star feature is the camera that allows you to shoot portraits with the professional looking “bokeh” effect (blurs background objects). You also do not have to worry your head off should you drop your iPhone 7 in water! It is water resistant; just dry it off and you are good to go. Pricing you ask? Not a hassle- you can now get it for 9,870 shillings per month!

Just recently, Samsung S8 and S8+ were launched in the market. The beauties graced in with their refined curved glass on both of their fronts and backs. Their premium looks, water resistance features, and their taller-than- average screens, face recognition and the hidden home buttons, continue to wow tech-lovers in a big way! Now, how about acquiring these spectacular gadgets at only 16,785 shillings per month through Lipa Later?

Another phone that adds to the list of the world’s best smartphones is the Huawei Mate 9. This is popular for its great battery life and its huge 5.9-inch display. Mind you, it is also rated as one of the fastest Android phones in the market, at the moment. When it comes to camera magic, one feature that it shares with the iPhone 7 is the blurry background feature. You can get your Huawei Mate 9 now and pay for it later in installments at a price of 7,895 shillings per month.

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