Our Education Focused Financing Stands Out


It’s one of those times, your expenses took an unexpected higher turn over the children’s holiday break. It also doesn’t help that it’s hardly a week before school opens and the math just doesn’t add up!! You are clearly aware of the essence of your kids going back to school on time, having a smooth term without having them being sent home for school fees. You know educating them is a long term investment not only for you but to them also. You also know you can get a loan to deal with that situation. Here is why to choose Odyssey Capital to take care of your situation.

You find it unexpected and sudden; well we provide an immediate solution.

Probably your next question will be “how”?

· We process your loan fast enough to ensure no delays in the child going back to school.

· There are minimum requirements needed in education financing.

· Our interest rates are affordable.

· We provide an ample payment period of up to 3 months.

What else is unique about us;

· We pay the school fees direct to the school account.

This is because just like you, we would like the child’s education to go smoothly all round the term or semester with no worries but to study.

· We cater for extra activities e.g. school books and school bus services.

· We finance primary, secondary and university education.

We too care about education and the right for children to have access to the best.

“Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela”

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